Psychological testing & assessment in Fitzroy North

A cognitive assessment is a formal test administered by a psychologist to assess an individual’s intelligence; including their attention, memory, problem solving and reasoning abilities. It involves answering verbal questions, looking at pictures, completing puzzles and remembering information.

A developmental assessment is similar and involves assessing a young child’s abilities across a range of areas. People seek developmental and cognitive assessments at all ages for information about their strengths and weaknesses or to obtain a measure of their functioning before undergoing a particular treatment.

A developmental or cognitive assessment can also be helpful for kindergarten or school-aged children who may be having difficulties learning and keeping up with their same-age peers, and can be used to identify developmental delay, intellectual disability, or giftedness.

An educational assessment may be recommended to formally understand the individual’s level of academic achievement compared to peers. Together, a cognitive and educational assessment can be used to identify learning strengths and weaknesses and diagnose learning disorders.

Holden Street Clinic’s highly skilled and experienced clinical psychologists in Fitzroy North provide comprehensive psychological assessments as part of our extensive range of treatment options, including Gestalt psychotherapy and child and adolescent psychological services, to name a few.