Parenting advice & support, Fitzroy North

Parenting-help counsellors, Fitzroy North

Parents play a critical role in supporting the healthy development of young people. From time to time parenting presents challenges as children move through different developmental stages or in response to life stressors, changes and events. Even positive events such as the birth of sibling or making the transition to high school can impact on young people and their parents.

Sometimes parents can find themselves falling into familiar patterns. While often there may be a desire not to repeat the mistakes of our parents sometimes, it can be hard to respond differently. Parents are provided with the chance to reflect on their parenting, the parts that they do well, the type of parent they would like to be and some ideas for enacting change.

Help provided to parents may include: finding out how best to support your child’s growth, improving relationships and negotiating developmental stages and changes.

Parenting support may help with: step-parenting, managing your own strong emotions as a parent, behaviour management and parenting after divorce or separation.

At Holden Street Clinic, practitioners are passionate about helping parents obtain a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment associated with their parenting role. There is a focus on assisting parents to build emotionally nurturing relationships with their children.
In addition to parenting support, Holden Street Clinic also provides family therapy at its Fitzroy North practice and individual counselling and psychological services for children and adolescents.

If you need to speak to someone after hours, you can find the contact details for Parentline in our emergency counselling contacts.