Fitzroy North relationship & couples counselling

Couple counselling is designed to help individuals understand difficulties in their relationship and to find ways to improve their connection and satisfaction.

Seeking relationship counselling can take courage and is often a step in the right direction. Our couple counselling can help people go beyond current issues to understand what past factors could be causing unrest in a relationship and how a resolution can be reached. Our Fitzroy North couple counsellors can help you understand the impact of early childhood experiences on relationships, and explore how partners feel now and what they are prepared to do to make the relationship work.

Couples are assisted to rediscover meaning, hope, connection and sexual intimacy. Counselling may also support couples that are considering divorce or separation by helping partners to manage strong emotions, facilitate the process of acceptance and moving on.

The breakdown of a relationship can have further-reaching effects than the two individuals. If children are involved, watching an adult relationship break down can be challenging. Holden Street Clinic also has practitioners specialised in child and adolescent counselling and family therapists at our North Fitzroy clinic.

If you are in need of immediate support, see our emergency contacts for access to services such as Women’s Information & Referral Exchange, Men’s Line Australia, The Sexual Assault Crisis Line and Safe Steps Family Violence Response.